Commissioned by the National Museum of Singapore with the support of global brand Swarovski, Wings of a Rich Manoeuvre 2016 is a kinetic public artwork  located over the bridge linking two divergent halves of the museum - its meticulously restored colonial architecture and the new contemporary glass atrium - a quadruple-volume space that acts as a canvas to show off the mid-air performance of eight bespoke chandeliers in an aerial calligraphy of twelve drawings rendered in light, seen here in full swing as a “Twist." In this kinetic spectacle achieved through innovative benchmarks in  engineering and lighting design, Wings of a Rich Manoeuvre 2016 makes visible the physics of Simple Harmonic Motion, nature’s most comforting movement, accentuated by a highly customised LED lighting programme that displays the purple tinge of LEDs lights “running” along the12 metre length of the mythical  creature of  Asian, Aboriginal and European origins as it swings.  A kiosk located below the artwork features an interactive programme that enables visitors to select permutations ofa range of different movments in tandem with a spectrum of LED colours at 7pm each evening.  Read more 

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Special Thanks to:  Angelita Teo (Director, NMS) & Annmarie Harris (Swarovski), Yuh Hann Mak & Hua Ling Yong (NMS) for their incredible support in the realization of this prestigious and innovative project in Singapore. 

Project Team: Guppy & Associates (Marla Guppy & Denny Hall), Crafted Software: David Marsh, Certifying Engineer: Mark Hardie, LIghting Design: Richard Candy, Assistant: Michelle Xen | Head Technician: Martin Kirkwood

Courtesy of Swarovski | Photographer: Chin Fan

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