Still Waters drain 3

STILL WATERS (between estrangement & reconciliation) 98 | Theme of Singapore Fringe Festival 2019 | ARX 5 | Singapore Art Museum

ARX5 Curator: Joanna Lee | Glass Dams, Water, Silicon | Half-length submergence in water | Photo: Jason Lim           ponsive performance | drain,ass dams, water | Photo: Khiewuey Chien   more info            

Still Waters 1998, Suzann Victor’s performance-installation chosen as the theme of M1 Singapore Fringe Festival 2019.

Like a radio signal rebounding across time to make another broadcast twenty-one years later, the performance-installation Still Waters 1998 was honoured as the theme of the M1 Singapore Fringe Festival in 2019 under the boundary-defying artistic direction of Sean Tobin, attracting international and local theatre practitioners who presented their interpretations of the original artwork to a present-day Singaporean public, an audience comprising current generations who may not necessarily have been cognizant of the censorial conditions during its making in 1998 and which reflected the struggles of the contemporary art scene at the time. Read moreS

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